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Welcome to aim - the Austrian Institute of Management

How to start:

Please personalize your profile after confirming your student account on the 'Austrian Institute of Management' via the email notification. With a completed profile it is easy to compare notes with other students and it helps the study department to work with the platform.

Click on the icon on the top right of the plattform -

This is your students account, here you have an overview of all your checked-in courses, exams and your profile.

Click on Edit profile

The following view appears:

Here you have the possibility to personalize your account, such as changing your password or uploading your avatar.

Assign authentication providers:

  • possibility to change your password
  • select your authentication provider (s.a. Twitter, Facebook,..)

Personal information:

  • click on the Create your profile now – button
  • please fill in the form with your personal data
  • with the checkbox 'Visible?' you have the possibility to make your profile visible for other students


  • click on the 'Select file' button and choose a passport like a picture of you from your local hard disc drive and crop it to fit the size
  • as an alternative you can use 'gravatar

Once you have personalized your account informations you are now ready to start your course!

Click on 'Dashboard' (top left)

The following view appears:

This is an overview of your booked courses. Here you have the possibility to 'view' all modules with a simple click on the module name, or to 'check in' your module with a click on the 'check in' - button. After check-in the module will not update anymore until the exam is done.

With the click on the 'check in' button you have the permission to do exams, moreover you have the possibility to make notes on the module or to contact the study department.

When you check in your module you will need to accept the check in terms.

Click the 'Accept and continue' – button.

You now have successfully checked in to your module!

Here you have the possibility to change the view of the module or even to print the course.

The page view allows you to go through the module step by step, whereas the list view loads the complete module on your screen. Please note that the list view needs more system-resources on your computer.

If you decide to print the course, be aware of the fact that there are interactive and video elements on the module, which won't be shown on your printed version. Furthermore you can jump to other parts of the course – be aware of the module structure, the modules are deployed constitutively.

The module itself may consist of different „info-bits“. You will see a description of each info-bit on the left side of each component.

For example: L = Lecture, O = Overview, A = Activity

Furthermore you have the possibility to make your personal notes on each info-bit.

Therefore click on the symbol on the top right of the info-bit.

The following view will appear, write your notes there and highlight them if you want. You can also upload a file from your hard disk drive.

On the bottom right side of an info-bit you will find the following buttons:

  • comments: post a public comment, visible for all students
  • SD: send a private message to the study department
  • tickmark: mark as read (the info-bit will be shown greyed out)

Now you are ready to start learning.